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Do These 5 Things Immediately After You Get Rejected

I was a door to door canvasser for 2 years – getting rejected 75 times per day was a regular occurrence. Take it from me – after experiencing rejection of any kind you need to do these 5 things immediately: Accept It. Don’t minimize it or rationalize it. Right after that girl rejects you it’s so easy to say to yourself “well she had bad breath anyways”. C’mon man. Who

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Become The Definition of Greatness

Are you recognized as the definition of greatness within your space? If not, it’s time to do one of two things. Commit to being great in the space that you are in, or go find another space in which you can be great. I’ve taken both approaches: Early in my professional career I landed an opportunity at Boeing. I was invited to attend a 1 week training class for prospective

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